CHOOSE FROM OUR HEALTHY AND CUSTOMIZABLE MEAL PLANS. Each plan provide meals that are locally prepared, healthy, fresh, delicious and supports a healthy lifestyle. Our meals are great for: Healthy meals to make each week’s journey easier, Weight Loss, Vegan, Paleo, Low Glycemic/Diabetic, Heart Healthy & For Seniors.


We prepare your food. No fuss, no clean up. Heat and enjoy! Bonus Tip: You may also provide information like your body type, activity level and dislikes in our consultation section & our nutritionist will plan a perfectly customized meal plan for you. We make it easy for you to manage your plan.

Convenient Delivery

Taste Haven meals are conveniently delivered to your home, fresh and in your own personal coolers. We deliver by 6am on Tuesday & Friday, so that when you wake up, your meals are ready. For your convenience, we also offer free local pick-up from our storefront.

“I couldn’t have met my weight loss goals without the help of the Tastehaven staff. Excellent food, excellent service!”


“I used to spend all weekend prepping my meals, now it’s conveniently delivered right to my door!”


It’s so hard to find organic meal prep!

If you live on Long Island, Tastehaven is the way to go!



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