About Us

Podcasting operational change management inside of workflows to establish a framework. Taking key indicators offline to maximise the tail.

Taste Haven Inspiring better living through good nutrition.

Designed in 2009 by nutritionist, nurses Chefs and health expert, to promote the benefits of good nutrition for individuals.

Weight Loss and Preventing Obesity -We believe that healthy habits which includes good nutrition through a well tailored diet plan will enhance your life.

Lifestyle Eating and nutrition support for busy individuals-Enjoy a new better way to enjoy, fresh, delicious meals to fit your busy lifestyle.

Tailored nutrition for many health conditions-We have successfully helped many manage health conditions such as type2 diabetes, metabolic, cholesterol conditions and other related conditions through our custom tailored nutrition plan-


Live Better

Yes, you can eat delicious food and still lose weight.

Food to Fit Your Lifestyle

Delicious healthy meals for your convenience

Love What You Eat

Food should be enjoyed & fit your lifestyle.

Organic & Natural Foods

We set our standards to use fresh, top quality, natural, organic & local ingredients in our food preparation.

Customised Plans

You can get a customized meal plan too with just one click.