Great Tips for Shaping Up This Spring

16 Mar 2014 no comments TASTEHAVEN Categories blog

By: Deanne. Griffith

Spring is officially in the air and for people in colder climates it means the time is drawing near for slipping off some layers of clothing.  We will soon be packing away the warm winter woolens that for several months kept our body parts hidden and warm.  But if your body isn’t in good shape, you may not like what’s going to be revealed.

A slow arriving spring allows a little extra lead-time to eat foods that promote weight loss and get in shape before summer officially arrives.  On some occasions, though, the full warmth of spring hits as quickly as the first crocus breaks through the winter snow.  We may find ourselves wearing a winter coat one day and shorts the next.  The question is:  Is your body ready for your spring reveal?

There’s no better time to prepare for your unveiling than now.  Why not start on your own personal rejuvenation process.  Here are a few ideas to get you going over the next 12 weeks:

There’s no better time to get in shape and repair your body than right now.

a. Start on a healthy diet and whole foods eating plan like Taste Haven weight loss program and start losing  weight.
b. Make a firm decision to get in shape and serious about reaching your weight loss goals.
c. Be aware of those comfort eating and fitness habits suitable for hibernation that you’ve developed during the winter month.
d. Know that your eating and physical activities need to be balanced and you have the power to change the scales.

Dust off those sneakers.
a.  Walk outdoors more often
b.  Take the stairs instead of elevators
c.  Exercise in your local park
d.  Take up running
e.  Get your green thumb active-Start a garden
f.  Join a gym focusing more on arm, leg and abdominal toning.

So, hang up those woollies, say goodbye to winter and get ready to roll up those pant legs!  Yes, spring is here and it’s time for you to tone and bloom.