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Power Cleanse


Clean and nutritious without feeling hungry. 

Packed with fresh, rejuvenating foods including raw vegetables as well as vitamin and mineral packed juices and teas. 

You’ll feel energized, cleansed, grounded and nourished. 

Power Cleanse includes 6 cleanses: Raw Detox Juices, Raw Shakes & Raw Soup Meal. 

Includes: Breakfast: Super Green Tea Mid-Morning Snack: Detox Juice with Chia Boost (kale, spinach, celery, ginger, lemon, cilantro) Lunch: Raw Chopped Salad avocado, beets, raw nuts 

Mid-Afternoon Snack: Pick Me Up carrot ginger soup) Dinner: Classic Beets (beets, lemon, orange, mint) Evening Snack: House made Cacao Nut Milk